Podcasty Goodness

In the latest Locus Roundtable podcast Karen Burnham conducts a fascinating interview with Anil Menon and Vandana Singh in which they talk, amongst other things, about the large amount of science fiction and fantasy written in India that is largely unknown outside of the country because it is written in various local languages and only published in India. Hopefully we’ll be getting to read some of that in English soon.

Talking of India, on my way to and from Finncon I read Samit Basu’s fine debut novel, Turbulence. This is a story about Indian superheroes. It is delightfully different, and a lot of fun. There will be a review coming soon.

Meanwhile, back on the podcasts, the latest Outer Alliance episode contains an interview with the very wonderful Elizabeth Hand. Liz talks very openly about her latest book, Radiant Days, about the influence of Patti Smith on her writing, about Rimbaud, and about some very personal stuff as well. As Julia Rios notes, Liz has always had LGBT characters in her work. That reminds me that I should thank Liz for Waking the Moon again.