Still Traveling

If I was an organized blogger I would have a lot of posts pre-written ready to go live while I was traveling, but I don’t, so you’ll just have to put up with this shambles.

Yesterday I was in that city in south eastern England which we are no longer allowed to name unless we are official sponsors for the big sporting event that we are not allowed to name unless we are sponsoring it. I would like to say that the golden sun left silver edges on the clouds and bronze skins on the inhabitants, but of course it was raining.

Not that I allowed that to cramp my style. I had a long and interesting lunch with Djibril al-Ayad of The Future Fire, followed by a long and interesting dinner with John & Judith Clute. Much bookishness was discussed. For some reason Mr. Clute would not allow me to sneak off with his copies of Empty Space and The Hydrogen Sonata.

I am now in Helsinki, where the weather is much better than in England. Liz and T had already been exhausted by their experiences here and had fled back to their hotel to sleep. I did get to say hello to Lois briefly, but she has headed off to bed too. I probably won’t be awake too much longer, but I do need to eat as Lufthansa unaccountably tried to feed me salad for lunch.

The news from Finnish fandom is that Sari has sold Jukka to Hannah in exchange for a chocolate cheesecake recipe.

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