Silicon Valley Gets Desperate

So there you are, kicking out one great software idea after another, and all you need to get them to market are a pile of top class computer science graduates. You want the very best people, no matter where in the world they come from. Unfortunately your government makes it very hard for those people to get work visas. What do you do? You buy a cruise ship, anchor it 12 miles off Half Moon Bay, and put them all on that. At least, that’s the proposal for Blueseed, one entrepreneur’s solution to a desperate need.

Sadly I don’t think I’ll be able to afford a berth on it. More to the point, it sounds distinctly like one of those Libertarian seasteading projects. I can see there being a mutiny on board, and the whole thing turning into a live action single person shooter game. Worse still, the ship might get attacked by the most vicious predators on the planet.

2 thoughts on “Silicon Valley Gets Desperate

  1. Er… this breaks the spirit of US immigration in so many ways it would hard to finish counting the number of things they’d fall foul of.

    Ironically, the last couple of years they haven’t used up all the H1-B allocations… suggesting that this idea is already a couple of years too late.

    Besides which a lot of companies are already doing this in Vancouver where they have easy access to Silicon Valley and healthcare.

  2. This sounds like the plot for a new reality – elimination TV show. The Apprentice, on a boat – with Geeks. If you or anyone else decides to make it, I said it first and will demand a fee.

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