New Book – Turns & Chances

Next week Wizard’s Tower will be releasing the next volume in Juliet McKenna’s back catalog. Turns & Chances was originally published as a standalone novella by PS Publishing, but is now out of print. The story is set in the country of Lescar, and on reading the book Chaz Brenchley told Juliet that Lescar sounded ripe for revolution. As Juliet explains here, this led her to write the Chronicles of the Lescari Revolution series, so Turns & Chances has a very important place in the story of Einarinn.

Our ebook edition uses the same magnificent Edward Miller artwork as the original (see below) and includes an introduction from Chaz that explains his thoughts about the book.

Turns & Chances will be on sale late next week. I’ll let you know as soon as it is available.

Turns & Chances - Juliet E. McKenna