Åcon Here I Come

Lots of bloggery today, because tomorrow I am heading for Finland and my first ever Åcon.

In US con terms, Åcon is a literary relaxacon. Rather like SMOFcon, it is as much a holiday for Finnish con-runners as a convention, but it is a holiday that they take in the company of a favourite writer. This year that writer is Catherynne M. Valente.

There will be some programming. I’m on two panels. The first is on post-modernist fantasy. The other is on kick-ass heroines. I shall be referencing this.


But I’ll also reference the blog post on which I found it.

There may also be beer, chocolate and sauna. And doubtless mosquitoes.

I’ll try to blog when I can, but I understand that the hotel only has wifi in the lobby, so tweetage will be limited.

4 thoughts on “Åcon Here I Come

  1. Adlon’s wifi coverage extends to the programme room, but probably not to the bedrooms, IIRC (but I might misremember). See you there!

  2. They claim that the new wlan works on all rooms now, too. And our function room is next to lobby, which has previously meant that you could hook into the www while following programming. It may even work in the terrace, often a very popular place among the attendees.

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