The Eurocon Dead Dog Interview

As I said on Twitter at the time, some people are daft enough to tweet while drunk, but I went one better: I agreed to be interviewed, on video, for a Croatian fan website, late into the dead dog party at the Eurocon in Zagreb. By that time I had consumed quantities of honey schnapps and Dalmatian sweet red wine, and I had moved on to whiskey supplied by some kind Czech fans. The results were therefore unpredictable. Having watched it, I’m pleased to see that I managed to plug the bookstore and say nice things about Clarkesworld, and did not fall over once. It helped that I was sat down in a rather splendid chair, but mainly I think the credit should go to Ana for some great questions, and to the camera crew who had to hold their cameras still despite having drunk at least as much as I had.

Here’s the whole thing. It’s just over 11 minutes long. If you click through to YouTube you should find it recommending other interviews with Charlie, Powers, Dmitry and Darko, all of whom got to talk when sober.

One thought on “The Eurocon Dead Dog Interview

  1. The honey schnaps & whiskey may have relaxed you enough to speak freely but at no point did you sound drunk and everything you said made wonderful sense.
    Wonderful interview!

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