Winter Is Coming

It has snowed in parts of England today. Speculation on Twitter has been that this has something to do with the arrival of George R.R. Martin on these shores — he’s a Guest of Honour at Eastercon. However, I’ll be seeing George at a signing in Bath this evening, and there’s barely been a drop of rain, let alone snow, here.

A much more likely explanation for the bad weather is the Easter vacation. Public holidays rarely fail to bring out the worst in the British weather. There’s also the small matter of the start of the cricket season tomorrow. Should the pitch at Headingly be covered in snow, that will save Yorkshire from a drubbing at the hands of Kent. I expect the weather in Taunton to be fine, though not quite as warm as the welcome that Marcus and the boys will give Middlesex.

One thought on “Winter Is Coming

  1. The local gaming convention out here, near the end of March, has developed a suspicious tendency to coincide with a burst of unseasonably cold weather. One could argue that this is deliberate on the part of the committee, since it gets everyone interested in staying indoors for the whole weekend. Although they overdid it a bit this year– we got a heavier snowfall than we’d had all winter the day before the con, almost keeping some people from showing up!

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