New From Prime

I’ve just posted two new books from Prime to the Wizard’s Tower store.

Everything Is Broken is a novel by cyberpunk pioneer, John Shirley. This one, however, doesn’t have hackers. It has crazy Libertarians. I’m guessing that it is a book that you will love if you share Shirley’s politics and hate if you don’t. Recommended for most of my California friends.

Robots: The Recent A.I. is a themed anthology edited by Rich Horton & Sean Wallace. The topic should be obvious. If you have any doubts about this one, just click through and check out the table of contents. It has Hugo-winning stories by Elizabeth Bear and Ian McDonald. It has Cory Doctorow, Aliette De Bodard, Tobias S. Buckell, Catherynne M.Valente, Robert Reed, Mary Robinette Kowal, Ken Liu, Genevieve Valentine and more. (And did you see that gender balance?) There’s also an original story by Lavie Tidhar. Your positronic brain will overload.