Clarkesworld #66

There are some fairly unfamiliar names in this month’s Clarkesworld. However, I have great faith in Neil’s judgement, so I’m sure this will be good stuff.

The lead story is “Sunlight Society” by Margaret Ronald who last featured in the magazine back in 2008. That story is already available in audio.

In addition we have “The Bells of Subsidence” by Michael John Grist and “From Their Paws, We Shall Inherit” by Gary Kloster. Those two will be in audio later in the month.

Jeremy has two interviews up: one with Nathan Long and one with John R. Fultz.

Jason’s buy this month is an article about that Gothic favorite, the ruined building (or better, city). It is by E.C. Ambrose who sprinkles it liberally with photos of actual ruins and examples of their use in fantasy. Naturally the piece is called “The Romance of Ruins”.

Neil has a brief editorial glowing happily about the Nebula nominations and intimating that more content will be coming soon.

And finally this month’s cover is “Dead Space Girl” by Sergio Diaz from Buenos Aires.

As ever, the issue is available in the Wizard’s Tower Store.

And on that subject, we also have the new issue of Lightspeed which is also packed full of goodness. In particular I note that the ebook-only feature this month is “Cleopatra Brimstone”, a particularly creepy and wonderful novella by Liz Hand. There’s also an interview with Ian McDonald and other reprint stories from Kathleen Ann Goonan, Karen Joy Fowler and Gene Wolfe.