Westercon #61 Business Meeting

Because LiveJournal is a steaming heap of foetid dingo’s kidneys less flexible than WordPress, Kevin has asked me to post the agenda for the Westercon #61 Business Meeting here.

It is a PDF.

Happy reading, SMOFy persons.

Update: Dates fixed in document. The old copy from last year bug strikes again.

Update 2: More changes. Don’t ask me, I just post the things.

Update 3: Yep, another new version (or rather version 2 back again). You do not want to know how the sausage is made.

2 thoughts on “Westercon #61 Business Meeting

  1. I’m so glad to find someone else who dislikes LiveJournal. I won’t go near any of their blogs, even if I like the bloggers – too frustrating by half.

  2. I’m not going to defend the LJ system; I’m there because that’s where the fans with whom I’m likely to interact are. It’s like the SMOFS e-mail list — full of things (and people) that drive you batty, but if you want to be a player, you have to be on the playfield.

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