The Cover Version Meme

Everyone is posting about cover versions at the moment. I understand that this is Celine Dion’s fault, but I really don’t want to get into that. Instead I’ll just share some of what other people are doing.

John Scalzi managed to find an incredibly different version of “Footloose”. I loved it, but I can see why other people might not.

At Crooked Timber Harry Brighouse reminds us all of the wonderful Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain. What they do with things like “Life On Mars” and “Teenage Kicks” is quite amazing.

Liz Hand contributes something for Lounge lovers everywhere – a version of “Wonderwall” by Mike Flowers Pops.

For my own contribution I wanted to find a version of Savage Rose performing “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” The only YouTube version I could find was this one, which has extracts from that song and from “Smile” as part of a long interview in Danish. However, there’s an MP3 version available here. (Thank you, Klaus!)

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2 Responses to The Cover Version Meme

  1. Tero says:

    One cover version that has so far been impossible to purge from my mind (despite no lack of trying) is Big Daddy’s “Welcome to the Jungle“. I blame Hal Duncan for polluting my mind with it!

  2. ooooh thanks for the Ukelele tip. btw If yer interested in more I run a covers site over at:

    PS yes that Celine Dion one IS the worst

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