What I Did on My Weekend

Well, lot of things actually, most of them to do with paid work, which I’m not at liberty to discuss. I did, however, spend a few hours getting a web site up and running. Kevin and some other folks at SFSFC have drawn the short straw and have bravely offered to bid to run a Westercon in 2011 – a year in which there is expected to be a west coast Worldcon sucking up much of the available talent. So, in my role as technical consultant to the SFSFC Board, I helped them put together a bid web site. I see that Kevin has credited me with doing the “heavy lifting”, but this sort of thing isn’t really that hard once you know what you are doing. Still, it was useful to be able to use Skype and LogMeIn to work together. It was almost like being in the same room, but without the cuddles…

I note from elsewhere that people are paying between €550 to €1500 to have WordPress sites built for them. That’s not bad money for a few hours work. However, I suspect that what they are actually paying for is the sort of thing that Tony does. People are always prepared to pay more for something that looks spectacular. The sort of thing that I do with WordPress is mainly behind the scenes code. Even when that’s quite complex – for SF Awards Watch, for example – it isn’t immediately visible so it doesn’t seem impressive. Still, that’s the way the world is – there’s no point moaning about it.

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  1. It’s always nice when you can pay for it. I’m still struggling with CSS for my new website.

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