Clarkesworld #65

The new Clarkesworld went online yesterday and as usual is packed with good reading.

The lead story is “And the Hollow Space Inside”, a science fiction tale by Mari Ness. It is available in audio here.

The back-up stories are “A Hundred Ghosts Parade Tonight” by Xia Jia and “All the Young Kirks and Their Good Intentions” by Helena Bell. The former is translated from the original Chinese by Ken Liu.

Jeremy’s interview subjects are Lev AC Rosen and Lisa L. Hannett.

Jason’s column this month has an article on food in fantasy and science fiction by Matthew Johnson

Neil presents the results of the readers’ poll. Much as I love Julie Dillon, I’m proud to see that the winning cover artist is Bryn Jones who has a Welsh name and lives around here somewhere.

The winning story is “The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees” by E. Lily Yu, which had already earned a place on my Hugo ballot, as had the second-place work, “Silently and Very Fast” by Catherynne M. Valente.

This month’s cover is “Pilot” by Alexander Trufanov, which I suspect will do very well in next year’s readers’ poll.