LGBT History Month

February, at least in the UK, is LGBT History Month. Somewhat unexpectedly, I have found myself involved in this. My friend Eugene Byrne, who has a keen interest in local history, introduced me to a group called Out Stories Bristol (OSB). That had no trans members at the time, so I figured I should stick my hand up. One thing led to another, and I found myself organizing some events.

The full list of local events can be found at the newly launched OSB website. If you are not local, you might find something of interest on the national site. If you want to see what I have been helping make happen, the literary stuff is all on the Hydra Books website.

I’m delighted that Juliet Jacques and Louis Bailey have agreed to come to Bristol and give talks. As you may notice, I’m also giving one myself.

I have also been asked to appear on Shout Out, Bristol Community Radio’s LGBT show, to talk about the events. That will be on Thursday night, local time. The show should be available internationally as a podcast after the live broadcast. With me on the show is Andy Foyle, who knows far more about local history than I do, and is also an expert on architectural history.

I think I’m giving that talk elsewhere later in the year as well, but I’ll wait until the publicity is online before promoting it.