The Solstice Feast

As promised yesterday, I took myself into Bath in search of fine food. This included buying fresh sprouts from the organic grocery, so I have a good chance of actually liking them. It also involved lots of cheese, but I’ll do a separate blog about that another day as I still want one or two things. I bought some cinnamon tea at the Tea Emporium, which is possibly an even better sensory experience than Lush (and certainly more controlled). And I bought dinner. There was no venison about, so I ended up at The Sausage Shop instead. Solstice dinner will therefore be:

Wild boar & apricot sausages, served with cheddar mash and steamed asparagus spears.

Also red wine, and I may make a start on the cheese because I have it now and I want to taste the new stuff before blogging.

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