More Biological Determinism?

It appears to be Sweden day in the LGBT corner of teh intrawebs, as two major studies looking for biological explanations for sexual orientation have hit my feeds.

The first, reported in The Guardian and conducted by the Stockholm Brain Institute, claims that brain scans of gay men are in some ways more similar to those of straight women than of straight men, while corresponding similarities exist between lesbians and straight men.

The second experiment, conducted by the Karolinska Institute, claims that the largest twin study in the world thus far proves that social attitudes have no influence on our choice of sexual partners.

Regarding the second, I refer you to Kathy Sedia’s withering denunciation of twin studies. I don’t have a neuroscientist friend to hand, but it seems to me that no amount of medical evidence is going to convince your average fundie or DUP politician. As ever, the point should be that human beings are naturally diverse, and that there’s nothing wrong with being different.