At the Seaside

It has been a rather nice few days here in England, and on Saturday I got to go to the seaside. On the north coast of Devon, the rivers Taw and Torridge flow together to form an estuary (see Google Maps) that forms a natural haven for shipping (albeit one with some very dangerous tides). Nestled hear the mouth of the estuary is the small town of Appledore, one of the few places in the UK where shipbuilding is still practiced, and the birthplace of some fabulous replica ships (you may have seen this one). I didn’t have a lot of time to go around taking photos, but what I have got are in my Picasa site and are linked to below.

On the way home we too the coast road across the top of Exmoor, and I’ve added a couple of pictures taken from the top of Porlock Hill. Porlock is a lovely little place and doesn’t deserve its reputation as the home of people who ruin epic poems.

AppledoreJun 7, 2008Google Maps Location Photos: 24