Above/Below – A Fascinating Project

One of the best ways to get yourself noticed as a small press is to undertake very interesting projects. Twelfth Planet does this brilliantly. The latest book of theirs that I have uploaded is Above/Below, a back-to-back double containing two linked stories: “Above” by Stephanie Campisi and “Below” by Ben Peek. I quote from the blurb (which is once again top quality):

A tale of two cities, the stories Above and Below make up two halves of another in the TPP Doubles series. Written by Stephanie Campisi and Ben Peek, designed to be self-contained and complete as individual narratives, the two parts can be read in either order, yet also form a single narrative that has been intricately woven and designed to create a single, novel length story. It is a work that suggests not a single way of reading, but rather two, with conflicting morals that will continue to test the reader’s certainty in who, in the cities of Loft and Dirt, is in the right.

Obviously you can’t turn an ebook upside down the way you can with a traditional “double”, book, but Charles Tan has created two versions of the book, one with “Above” first and the other with “Below” first. You can choose which one to buy.