Clarkesworld Turns Five

Yes, it is October already. That means that a new issue of Clarkesworld is online, and it is our 5th anniversary issue. Neil has an editorial here saying how grateful we all are to you, our readers, for your support.

And talking of support, we did indeed reach our subscriptions target, so as of this issue we will be publishing three stories each issue. Huzzah! This month we have the following.

“Staying Behind” by Ken Liu is a story about the people who are still alive after the Singularity. That one is already available in audio form, read as ever by Kate Baker.

“Pony” by Erik Amundsen is not about anything cute, fluffy or pink. Kate will have that one in audio for you later in the month.

“Silently and Very Fast”, by Catherynne M. Valente, is a long story, and we are publishing it in three parts. Part 1 is in this issue. Parts 2 and 3 will follow in subsequent months. I’m not sure how having three stories each month affects the podcast schedule, but I understand we will still be bringing you audio versions of all of our fiction.

Jeremy has been very busy this month as well. He has two interviews for you. The first is with Steven Gould, and the second with Joan Slonczewski. Joan is one of the smartest women writing science fiction today, so I particularly recommend that one.

In my department we welcome back Mark Cole who is taking a look at the science fiction end of the independent films business. I’m pleased to see mention of the fabulous Sci-Fi London festival, and of the awesome silent movie version of The Call of Cthulhu, produced by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society. Mark has a lot more good films to recommend, and information as to how you can find more.

Finally we have our cover, “A Sense of Importance” by Bryn Jones, who I see lives somewhere near me. Must try to get him to BristolCon.

As usual, the magazine is available in epub and mobi format at the Wizard’s Tower bookstore, and everywhere else the best ebooks are sold.