More Books

I’m finally starting to get through adding August’s new books to the Wizard’s Tower Store. This is lots of computer work, and it is doing my shoulder no good at all. So next up I am off out to buy a small, light wheeled suitcase, because I don’t want to risk a backpack for the trip to London. After that, yet more books, and the September magazines.

But before I go, a quick word about some of what I have added. First up I’d like to highlight Polar City Blues by Katherine Kerr (£2.99). This comment in the blurb caught my eye:

“In some ways Polar City Blues is my tribute to the classic SF I read as a teenager. In other ways, it’s a heavily Revisionist book, where the Hero is female and the Object of Desire is male. Mostly, however, it’s a fast-paced adventure story complete with dead bodies, hookers, drugs, mysterious aliens, and several high-speed chases both on the ground and elsewhere.” — Katharine Kerr

Also I see that the Book View Cafe folks are continuing to do great things with omnibus editions. You can get all four volumes of Jay Caselberg’s Jack Stein stories for just £7.99, and all four volumes of Steven Harper’s Silent Empire series for a mere £4.99. What can I say? Value.