Moving On Up

Neil Clarke has announced (via Twitter) that he is withdrawing Clarkesworld from consideration in the Hugos next year so that other semiprozines can get a look-in. I’m very happy with this.

I should note, however, that this doesn’t mean that you can’t show your appreciation for Neil and all that he does. This year he got 56 nominations in Editor: Short Form, which placed him 7th, above such luminaries as Ann VanderMeer and Gardner Dozois. What this says is that people are starting to think of Clarkesworld as a professional-quality magazine alongside the likes of Asimov’s and F&SF. If that’s where people think we belong, then I’m very happy for us to be judged in that company.

Of course if you do think we are that good, we’d also be very grateful if you could subscribe, or just give us money, because then we could afford to buy more stories.