Hugo Rule Wrangling

There was load more action at the WSFS Business Meeting yesterday. First the easy bits.

The annual motion extending eligibility to works on their first publication in English in the USA went through on the nod.

The Constitutional Amendment extending the right to participate in the nominations stage to members of the current Worldcon passed on a show of hands. Assuming that the (unopposed) San Antonio bid is selected, its members will be able to nominate next year.

And now the complicated bits.

A Constitutional Amendment to separate Best Fanzine into words and audio/video has received first passage. If this is ratified in Chicago then there will be two separate categories: one for things like Challenger, Banana Wings and The Drink Tank; and the other for things like Star Ship Sofa, Galactic Suburbia and Coode Street.

What happens if a fanzine has both print and podcast elements? Well, I guess it is eligible in both categories. Doubtless there will be a furore if that happens.

There’s a sunset clause, so the change will need to be re-ratified in 2016 to be continued past then.

In addition, after much wrangling, the main report of the semiprozine committee was passed. The primary effect of this is to remove from the category any magazine owned and operated by a company with full time staff. This affects the likes of Locus, Weird Tales, and Lightspeed, but not Clarkesworld, Helix and Electric Velocipede. Editors of the magazines that have been removed can, of course, be nominated for Editor: Short Form.

Neil Clarke has more details on the changes here. Again this needs to be ratified in Chicago.

There’s more information available from Kevin and Mike Glyer.