Introducing Linda Nagata

What were people saying about lack of women SF writers? Well, I’ve just added one to the store. I’m very proud to stock all four volumes of Linda Nagata’s Nanotech Succession:

The Bohr Maker won the Locus Award for Best First Novel.

For those of you who hate trilogies, don’t worry, this is an interconnected series of stand-alone novels, not one book cut into pieces.

Also new in the store are Skye Object 3270a, a YA science fiction novel, and The Dread Hammer, a fantasy comedy written by Linda’s alter-ego, Trey Shiels.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Linda Nagata

  1. By strange coincidence, I’m reading The Bohr Maker now and thoroughly enjoying it – being inspired to check out her books after reading her blog post on male vs female author names and also Al Reynolds’ thoughtful blog post on the influence of her book Vast on his own thinking and writing.

  2. Gah, now I know why I couldn’t finish VAST when Alan Stewart gave it to me as a review copy yonks and yonks ago… it was the THIRD in the series! I thought the tech was great, but I was wondering why I was struggling to “get” the story. I’ll have to read it again.

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