From Russia With Steam

I have just put a new book on sale over at the Wizard’s Tower store. It is Heart of Iron, by the very wonderful Ekaterina Sedia. The book is set in a steampunk version of the Russian empire, and features international intrigue, big trains, and a dastardly British secret agent called Dame Florence Nightingale. It sounds an awful lot of fun. It is also only £2.99.

Of course, this being Kathy, there is some serious history and feminism in the book too. She has blogged about some of the background here, here and here.

Those of you less interested in history and feminism can instead salivate over machinery. Or, more specifically, trains. This one is for you, Kevin (art by Marcin Jakubowski).

Heart of Iron - Ekaterina Sedia

One thought on “From Russia With Steam

  1. I have been eagerly awaiting a copy of this since I heard of it. Lack of a suitable ereader means I’m waiting the extra month to order my paper copy.

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