Locus Awards Live?

So, here I am back home. It took rather longer than expected, because my flight from Stockholm was almost an hour late landing, resulting in my missing the last train home. Many thanks to my back-up plan, Jen and Gideon, for rescuing me (and My Little Space Pony, of course).

Not that I have much respite, because on Friday I’ll be off to Derby for Alt.Fiction. I’ll remind you about my panels there tomorrow, but the thing I want to talk about here is a semi-official event that will probably take place in the bar on Saturday night.

While we are busy in Derby, the Locus Awards will get handed out in Seattle. The nice folks at Locus have asked about the possibility of a CoverItLive event, and Alex has confirmed that there is good Internet connectivity in The Quad, so it should be possible. The ceremony will start around 10:00pm on Saturday. If you are at Alt.Fiction you should be able to follow things on your own devices, or by peeking over my shoulder. There are UK writers in all of the long and short fiction categories so hopefully there will be a lot of interest.

The show will probably be hosted on the Locus website. I’ll provide a link as soon as I have one.

Oh, and My Little Space Pony will finally get to meet his owner on Saturday afternoon.

All of which should give Tom Hunter and I plenty to talk about in the Awards panel on Sunday afternoon.