Clarkesworld #57

Yes, it is that time of the month again. What have we got for you in June?

Well our lead story is “Semiramis” by Genevieve Valentine, who should be well known to you by now. That’s not about an ancient Assyrian queen, so I’m eager to find out why it has that title. As usual, the story is available in audio read by Kate Baker.

The second story this month is “Trickster” by Mari Ness. You may have seen her work in other online magazines, or as a blogger for This story will be available in audio mid-month.

Jeremy’s interview subject for this month is game designed and author Erin Hoffman. And for my column I’m delighted to welcome back Sarah Goslee. Her article, “Building Forests, Remaking Planets”, takes a look at the practice and ethics of terraforming.

Our cover this month is “Off Road” by Argentine artist Facundo Diaz. I really like this one and would not be surprised to see it added to our list of Chesley nominees next year.

Finally we have an editorial in which Neil announces the exciting news that Clarkesworld has become on the third SF magazine (after Asimov’s and Analog) to be accepted by Amazon to be available on subscription for the Kindle. That makes it really easy to order. If you sign up for a subscription you will get your Kindle edition for $1.99/month rather than the single-issue price of $2.99/month, and billing will happen automatically each month. I’m guessing that the magazines will be delivered automatically too.

The main advantage of subscriptions is that they give us a stable financial base from which to plan. Neil has set a target of 500 subscribers by October, and if we get that he has promised to add another story each month. You can order a subscription here.