The British Library Podcast

Here, rather later than I had hoped, is the podcast I recorded at the launch of the British Library’s science fiction exhibition. It will turn up on the Salon Futura iTunes feed eventually, but in the meantime you can download it here.

The show begins with me chatting to various people during the launch reception. They are: Ian Whates, Farah Mendlesohn, David Pringle, Paul McAuley, Jon Courtenay-Grimwood, Graham Sleight and Tom Hunter. After that I take a quick tour of the exhibition to give you an idea of what you can find in it. Finally we have three more interviews with Andy Sawyer, John Berlyne and China MiƩville.

Because this took a little longer than I expected, the first Clarke Award tweet-up has already happened. Tom may have some more lined up, but in the meantime here’s Amanda Rutter’s report of the event.

And apropos the previous post, the exhibition’s blog contains a post talking about the many women SF writers who are represented in the exhibition.