Kevin on the Radio

Well that was a lovely way to start the day. Last night KJFC, one of the local radio stations in the Bay Area, devoted the whole of its Thoughtline program to discussion of Westercon 64. Kevin, together with con chair Glenn Glazer and dealers’ room manager Dave Clark, got a very respectful interview from a presenter who is clearly sympathetic to what we do.

It isn’t the slickest radio in the world. (Glenn dear, you need to stop saying “right” at the end of every sentence.) However, the boys had plenty of opportunity to get the message over, and they did it pretty well, I think. If you would like to hear the show for yourself, download this mp3. There’s a bit of music at the front, but the discussion gets going fairly quickly.

So, thanks to Robert Emmett and KJFC for a great show. I wonder how we can get that sort of thing to happen in Bristol?