British Library Update

There’s only a week to go now before the British Library exhibition opens. Newspaper articles are proliferating. The Guardian has a nice photo collection, and is promising to devote the whole of their Saturday Review supplement to SF. My favorite thus far, however, is this piece in the THES by my friend Prof. Roger Luckhurst.

My interview with John Clute in the new Salon Futura also discusses the exhibition.

Somehow I have managed to score an invite to the official launch party on Thursday night. I intend to take a voice recorder and try to gather reactions from the Great & Good there gathered. Hopefully it will be worth podcasting.

The exhibition opens to the public next Friday (20th) and that evening they have the first public event. It is a discussion panel featuring, amongst others, China Miéville, Adam Roberts and Tricia Sullivan. Thanks to Adam reminding me of this on Monday I have booked a seat. Hopefully I will see some of you there (so that I don’t have to be “the shameless idiot who asks the first question” yet again).