VanderMeers in Finland

As you probably know, Ann and Jeff VanderMeer were touring Finland in April. I would have loved to get out there and see them, but I had other things to do here. Anyway, Jeff is busy churning out reports on the visit, and a couple of interesting posts went up today.

Firstly Jeff’s blog at Amazon, Omnivoracious, has the first part of an interview with Finland’s leading SF critic (and forthcoming Eurocon Guest of Honor), Jukka Halme. In the interview Jukka is wearing a replica shirt for the famous Tallahassee Tentacles ice hockey team, a marvelous Finnish joke which Jeff explains here.

And secondly, on his own blog, Jeff interviews Finnish fan, Tero Ykspetäjä. I’m sure you are fed up by now of my going on about how wonderful Finnish fandom is, but if you don’t believe me perhaps Jeff and Ann can change your mind.

Tero ends up by saying, about his involvement in Finnish fandom, “I like giving back to the community, and I guess I’m just the type of person who enjoys organizing things, but getting to spend time with such a wonderful bunch of people is the biggest reward.”

It certainly is; and Jukka and Tero are two of the wonderful people I have been lucky enough to meet there.

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2 Responses to VanderMeers in Finland

  1. If it hadn’t been for 1809 it would have been our fandom and we could have taken all credit. Bah!

  2. jukkahoo says:

    Take it like a man, Anglemark! 🙂 Sånt e livet utan marmelad!

    Though I blushed ripe red when I read “Finland’s leading SF critic”. I’m not even on top-10. I’m just a fan-boy, who writes decent reviews and is more than happy to be able to arrange cons, great and small.

    Excellent interview with Tero! And I wholeheartedly agree with his sentiment!

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