BASFA Recommends

My friends at the Bay Area Science Fiction Association have a tradition of having Hugo Award discussions at the beginning of each year during which members can recommend works and people they think are worthy of nomination. Kevin has posted the results of the 2011 discussions to the Hugo Recommend Livejournal community. (There’s one post per category and I don’t want to link to them all. They should be fairly easy to find as they make up one big block of posts.)

My recommendations are on the list. They don’t necessarily represent what will be on my nominating ballot. I do, after all, still have reading time left. And in at least one case (Artist) I have made more than five recommendations as I’m trying to encourage people to think outside the box.

I should note that on my nominating ballot I’ll sometimes ignore a work that I expect to get on so as to be able to give much needed help to some outside candidates. Also I may also nominate works that I think have a chance of getting on the ballot rather than others that I think have less of a chance. Doubtless there are people out there who think that this is disgraceful and makes a mockery of the whole process and should be banned, but there are people who say that about recommendation lists too.

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