Awards Questions Wanted

Today/Tomorrow (depending on which time zone you are in) Kevin and I will be recording a podcast in which some invited guests get to ask us questions about SF&F awards and we try to answer them. The idea is not to catch us out (though that may happen), but rather to help shine some light on some of the confusion that happens every year (stuff like this). Inevitably most of the questions will look at the Hugos, but we welcome questions about other awards as well.

Our guests are Jonathan Strahan, Brit Mandelo (of and John DeNardo (of John has been collecting questions here.

If you have any questions of your own, please ask them here. We’ll be recording around midnight UK time (8:00pm Pacific) so have you about 10 hours.

The plan is to edit the podcast tomorrow and put it out on Monday. I’ll use the Salon Futura podcast channel, though this isn’t an episode of The Salon.