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A Morning in Hereford

One of the things I had planned to do on my trip to Hay was take some time out on the way home to see more of Hereford. It is a lovely little city with a whole heap of history. … Continue reading

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Eurocon Day 3

Last night we went out for dinner with Charlie Stross and Feòrag. I am going to be very evil and tell you that Charlie has some great projects in the pipeline. Also, if you think the prospects of a Trump … Continue reading

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Finland Update

My apologies for the lack of blogging over the past few days. That’s partly due to being on the road, partly due to lack of wifi access (I get free roaming in Finland on my phone, but that doesn’t include … Continue reading

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Toronto Wrap

Image from Wikimedia Commons, see here for usage rights While I am absolutely delighted to have been able to get into Canada, and plan to go back again soon, I have also been forcibly reminded that I do not cope … Continue reading

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Two Days Out

As previously trailed, I spent Saturday in London at academic conference on the work of China Miéville. It was held in Senate House at the University of London, which I found rather ironic. I’m actually very fond of Art Deco, … Continue reading

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Cultural Difference (Stereotyping)

The Adelaide Oval cricket ground has built some large new stands recently. When the test match took place there last year the English commentators on Sky and the BBC were in full flow whingeing about how the look of the … Continue reading

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Living in the Future

I’ve had a weekend of being busy with Wizard’s Tower and Clarkesworld matters, but I do have a post for you. I wrote this a few weeks ago and then forgot about it. It is a report on the one-day … Continue reading

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Off to London

Jeff and Ann VanderMeer will be in London next weekend. They are appearing at a one-day conference called Thrilling Wonder Stories. This is not, as you might expect, something about pulp literature, but rather an eclectic event pulling in cutting … Continue reading

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Taking Tea (Somewhat Early)

This morning I decided to head out to explore the nearby town of Bradford on Avon. It looked very pretty from the train, and it proved to be just as nice on foot. I managed to get lucky on the … Continue reading

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