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Hello From Vienna

I’m spending a little time in Vienna on my way to the Worlding SF conference. After all, goodness only knows if I will ever be in Austria again, and I can’t come here and not see one of Europe’s greatest … Continue reading

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Happy Summer Solstice, everyone. Here’s hoping that it stopped raining for you at some point during the day.

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Summer Has Arrived

The baseball season is already underway. The San Francisco Giants opened their season in the snows of Milwaukee last week, where they did OK. Now they are safely back home at Emperor Norton Field and have registered two spectacular come-back … Continue reading

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And That’s How To Do Snow

It stopped snowing here last night. Temperatures overnight were below freezing, and stayed that way into the early morning when I had to get to the venue for the training course I am giving. I was expecting a nightmare of … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, In Toronto

I am here. I won’t be online much, partly because I am busy, and partly because the roaming charges are horrendous. I have put my phone in airplane mode so that the apps on it can’t rack up massive bills … Continue reading

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Trans Pride – Day 2

I should write a very long blog post, but it is gone midnight and checking the audio recordings is more important so I’m just going do describe the event thus: mostly awesome, with a side of sore feet and mild … Continue reading

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The End is Nigh

As those of you watching the UK news will know, the world is being destroyed in wind and rain today. I came back from Darkest Somerset on the train today, and was really rather lucky. There’s a tree down on … Continue reading

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The Far, Unfrozen North

Hello everyone, I am in Toronto. The journey went fairly well. The biggest problem that I had was the Tube being down between Kings Cross and Baker Street this morning (which at 8:30am is enough to almost bring London to … Continue reading

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The Museum of Broken Relationships

I spent much of yesterday wandering around Zagreb with Mihaela seeing the sights. That included riding the funicular railway and visiting the railway station for Kevin’s benefit. I also got to visit one of Zagreb’s most famous tourist destinations, the … Continue reading

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Travel Day

I’ll be off to Helsinki airport shortly. If all goes well I’ll be changing planes in Frankfurt, and arriving back at Heathrow in plenty of time to grab some food and get a train home. Tomorrow I get to start … Continue reading

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Winter Is Coming

It has snowed in parts of England today. Speculation on Twitter has been that this has something to do with the arrival of George R.R. Martin on these shores — he’s a Guest of Honour at Eastercon. However, I’ll be … Continue reading

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Volcano Latest: No One Dead

The apocalyptic plume of volcanic ash is making its way slowly across the Atlantic to Britain. There’s no obvious sign of it here in Darkest Somerset, which is no more Dark than usual for this time of year (though it … Continue reading

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Relief Convoy Arrives

We had more snow last night, but once again being fairly near the coast saved us from the worst of it. We’ve had enough to keep the pavements (sidewalks) dangerous, but not enough to stop traffic. So the Sainsbury’s van … Continue reading

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Snow Update

We still have plenty of snow around, and the long range forecast is still not predicting a thaw before the end of the week. I could probably go out in it as it is, but I have a good excuse … Continue reading

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Snowed In?

“Temperatures -22C Overnight!” screamed the BBC news this morning. Well, they were if you lived in a particular, remote part of Scotland. Here, near the coast of Darkest Somerset they were more like -6, though I suspect that Liz and … Continue reading

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Not Dead

Hi folks, I just wanted to let you know that I have been (relatively) quiet today because of a panic at the day job, not because I have frozen to death, been crushed by an avalanche, been eaten by a … Continue reading

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In Which I Am Brave and Adventurous

As per the Twitter comments, I have been outside. And returned safely with all of my limbs intact. There are parts of the sidewalks that are really treacherous underfoot, but for the most part I was able to avoid them … Continue reading

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Snowed On, Not Snowed In

It looks like we had about 3 inches of snow last night, and it is still snowing off and on. However, the snow on the ground is melting pretty quickly, so I don’t see it lasting very long. Also we … Continue reading

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The Great British Snow Storm of 2009 continues to roar in its fluffy-kittenish manner. Other parts of the country are probably still ground to a halt. Here in Darkest Somerset we had an inch or so of the white stuff … Continue reading

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End of Civilization

Yes, it has snowed on London. The world has come to an end. People from Boston, Chicago, Seattle and New York (not to mention the whole of Finland) have my permission to laugh themselves silly. It is also snowing here … Continue reading

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