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New Book – Contains Romance

The above book is due out tomorrow, though you can pre-order it now from you know who. I’m writing about it now because tomorrow I’m traveling to Belfast via Dublin to give a talk at Queens University. The book is … Continue reading

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Story Sale

This one appears to be official now. At least one of my fellow authors has written about it. So I guess I can celebrate too. I am delighted that I will be having a story in Rainbow Bouquet, an anthology … Continue reading

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Obligatory Eligibility Post

It is that time of year again, and to make my author friends less self-conscious about reminding you of their fine work over the past year I am going to remind you about what I have been up to. Much … Continue reading

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New Fiction, by me

Issue #8 of Holdfast Magazine has been published today. It includes a short story by me, and an essay on non-heteronormative characters by Jo Hall. So Jo and I are sort of doing a role-reversal thing here. Her essay is … Continue reading

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Today on Ujima – Football, Lesbians, Rhodes and Bowie

I was hosting the Women’s Outlook show again today on Ujima. We started off with an interview with some football (soccer) players from a local sports club. Easton Cowboys and Cowgirls are perhaps most famous for the fact that Banksy … Continue reading

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Blade Runner – Flash Fiction

In the future, in a world not unlike The Culture, gender transitions are absolute. Biological science has advanced to the point at which they can re-program your entire body, even editing your chromosomes. Of course you do still want to … Continue reading

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Apocalypse R Us

I am delighted to be listed here. By the way, the cover on that post is for volume 1. I’m in volume 2. This is my cover. Is that cool or what?

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Weird Fiction Review

The indefatigable Ann and Jeff VanderMeer have launched a new online magazine, Weird Fiction Review. It appears from the first issue that it will contain non-fiction, fiction, art, even a webcomic. This month’s fiction is a Belgian story newly translated … Continue reading

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The P-Con Drabble

In catch-up mode here, I present the Drabble that I wrote for the Frank Darcy Award at this year’s P-Con. It didn’t win, because it isn’t funny. (Julian — you are going to publish your somewhere, right?) Nevertheless it is … Continue reading

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#outeralliance Pride Day 2009

Shortly after Worldcon, John C. Wright, a man whose bizarre ideas about sex and gender should come as no surprise to anyone, posted a deeply homophobic rant (since deleted) on his LiveJournal. This prompted a group of people to found … Continue reading

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Today has mostly been spent working on other web sites – conventions that the like. I have, however, taken the opportunity to do a few things around here. Here are some you might notice. I have put the April Fool … Continue reading

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In Which Cheryl Commits Fiction

While I was composing the post for Twilight yesterday I was suddenly struck by The Muse. As a consequence I have written a short story. In theory it is a cautionary tale about the dangers of trying to impose gender … Continue reading

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