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Ruth Hunt Audio

The Bristol University folks have been very efficient in getting the audio from the Ruth Hunt lecture online. You can listen to it here (MP3).

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Ruth Hunt in Bristol

Today, tomorrow and Friday I am doing training in Bristol. I have to be up in the middle of the night all three days to catch early trains. They are morning only gigs, so it would have been nice to … Continue reading

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Introducing the Twilight People App #TDOV

Today is the international Trans Day of Visibility. I’m spending the day in London at a Trans*Code hackathon, kindly hosted at the offices of CapGemini (whom I used to work for many decades ago). I’ve spent the day working on … Continue reading

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Bristol Stands With Orlando

Photo by Colin Moody We got an excellent crowd at the vigil in Bristol this evening. I’m pretty sure it was over 1000. In fact we got so many people that the event rather outgrew the organization. The sound system … Continue reading

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Yesterday on Ujima: Carers, Harassment, Flash, Trans & Faith

Yesterday’s show on Ujima began with a celebration of Carer’s Week. Caring for relatives or friends who are unable to look after themselves is an activity that falls disproportionately on women. With the current fashion for austerity politics, social service … Continue reading

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All That Other Stuff

Because I need to get it out of my system, I’m going to do a post about all of the other things that were wrong with the talk I walked out of at the trans history conference. Think of this … Continue reading

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Training the Salvation Army

Today was a day to do more trans awareness training. I do this in collaboration with Berkeley Wilde of The Diversity Trust, a non-profit company specializing in diversity issues (and of which I got asked to be a director on … Continue reading

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The LGBT History Showcase

Every November Schools Out, the charity which founded LGBT History Month, has a showcase event to launch the following year. I’m not entirely sure why it is so far in advance of February, but I’m guessing that in January people … Continue reading

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We’re All Sodomites

Earlier today on Twitter I passed on a news article being shared by the Irish drag queen, Panti Bliss. It was a story about how the Catholic Church has made a ruling that transsexuals cannot be godparents because they “do … Continue reading

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Gender and Spirituality Workshop

I spent Friday in Exeter at an event billed as a Variant Sex and Gender, Religion and Wellbeing Workshop. It was run primarily by academics who study intersex people, but there was plenty of trans involvement as well. The event … Continue reading

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Sex On Sunday

I spent part of Sunday morning catching up on the final episode of Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch’s three-part BBC2 documentary series, Sex and the Church. It is a history of the increasingly fraught relationship between Christianity and sex. Part I is … Continue reading

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Today on Ujima – Vicars, Media, Arms Trade & Mayfest

Very briefly as I’m on the road in Oxford and have a work conference to attend tomorrow. First half hour: Caroline Symcox talking about God, being a trainee vicar, her book and being married to Paul Cornell. Second half hour: … Continue reading

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Sympathy For The Devil

Over at The Independent they have been looking at the results of the recent UK census, in particular the religion data. It appears that the largest concentration of Satanists in the UK can be found in Bristol. There’s a claim … Continue reading

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Spot Betting Scandal Hits British SF

The British Science Fiction Community was thrown into disarray this week after two undercover Guardian journalists, Alison Flood and Damien Walter, claimed to have obtained footage of a juror for the Arthur C. Clarke Award agreeing to fix the results … Continue reading

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And Another Thing: Attention Pagans

Overnight I was mailed a link to this post which details a current controversy in the Pagan community, specifically PantheaCon which, rather bravely, attempts to bring Pagans of all faiths together. As some of you may know, especially if you … Continue reading

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Card Shopping

After a good deal of hunting around I have finally managed to find some cards that just say “Season’s Greetings” and do not sneakily add anything about Christmas on the inside. I made a point of thanking the lady in … Continue reading

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Some Brief Linkage

Because yesterday I was offline most of the day and the RSS flood backed up again. – My friend Roz gets her poetry published in The Guardian. Cool stuff! – My friend Neil gets the first chapter of his Hugo … Continue reading

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Yet More Linkage

I seem to have a bunch of religious stories today: – Henry Farrell explains why blaming sex abuse by priests on the “permissive society” won’t wash. – Doug Chaplin explains some of the background the to “right to wear a … Continue reading

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More Linky Stuff

It’s a busy day today: – For those of you planning to attend the Hay Lecture at Eastercon, The Economist has all the gossip from a recent conference on geoengineering. – The guys at Geek Syndicate have discovered a new … Continue reading

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Pots, Kettles and Discrimination

An interesting discussion transpired on Twitter this morning (sadly a very poor medium for serious discussion) about this BBC article. In it a group of bishops are complaining that the government discriminates against Christians. Specifically they are talking about people … Continue reading

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