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Swans and Trains and Otters

Most of today has been spent touring around South Devon. First we stopped off in Dawlish to take in the true extent of Brunel’s craziness in building a major railway line along the sea shore, and meet the famous flock … Continue reading

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The Coming of the Space Ponies

Can’t wait for Iron Sky? Suffering from cute deficiency? I have just what you need: the Iron Sky / My Little Pony mash-up.

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Girl’s Got Style

Diana Prince has been shopping. The new togs are seriously cool. This is enough to make me want to turn up at a convention in a superhero costume (except, of course, I’d need to lose a lot of weight in … Continue reading

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More Linkage

Because the world keeps getting more weird, and religious bigots keep shooting themselves in the foot. – First up a humiliating defeat for right-wing bishops as the House of Lords decides that the Church of England does not have the … Continue reading

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New Zealand Video Diary

Between the two conventions I did a bit of touring around New Zealand. The video from that is now online. It includes visits to the site of next year’s NZ Natcon, to Rivendell, and to the Weta Cave. More importantly, … Continue reading

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Auckland – Day 4

I spent yesterday looking around Auckland harbor with a friend. It was a bit cold due to the wind, but clear and bright and absolutely beautiful. Hopefully I have lots of good photos, but it was kind of difficult to … Continue reading

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Cat Fanciers Strike Back

A quick follow-up to this.

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Feline Cuteness Overload

Thanks to the BBC, mother leopard and her new cub.

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Selling Rugby

Almost Six Nations time again, and we can look forward to a couple of titanic cross-channel bouts. Italy visit Wales, and England travel to France. One thing you can say about our continental cousins, they never let a little thing … Continue reading

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Panda Live

OK folks, video footage of little Fu Long being adorable as only baby pandas can be is now available here. Don’t overload the BBC servers, now.

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Cute Overload

Baby Panda!!! This little fellow was on the BBC’s lunchtime news. As far as I can see, there’s no video in the Internet just yet. I’ll keep an eye open for it.

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