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Merry Cthulhumass, Everyone

Yes, it is that time of year again. And so, as is traditional, here is a little ditty from the fabulous H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society. Be careful out there, little cultists, you never know what you might summon.

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Merry Cthulhumas

Sleep fitfully, little cultists, for tomorrow the Stars may be Right.

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Last Week on Ujima – Crime, Cricket, Umbrellas & Protest

With profuse apologies for the day, here are the Listen Again links for last week’s show. We started off with my friend Lucienne Boyce talking about her latest historical novel, Butcher’s Block. This is a new Dan Foster mystery novel, … Continue reading

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Alfies Update

As I noted yesterday, Tea and Jeopardy won an Alfie this year for being the best placed non-Puppy in the Fancast category. Emma and Pete have done a special episode to mark the occasion. In it Emma has an attack … Continue reading

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Mars, The Summer Planet

Thanks to Oliver Morton I have been alerted to a fascinating new scientific study of Mars which provides further proof that water once flowed on the Red Planet. A team from the Open University and the University of Leicester have … Continue reading

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International Cat Day

Apparently it is International Cat Day, which means it is time to give this picture another run out. I was, of course, much younger when it was done. Actually this is my superhero persona. She is known as The Catnap, … Continue reading

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The Ghost of the Shakespeare Tavern

Last night’s BristolCon Fringe went very well. We had 12 readers in all, two of whom were reading in public for the first time and did really well. You will doubtless see people on social media muttering about “the eyeball”. … Continue reading

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Happy Cthulhumass, Everyone

For all of you who are heartily sick of Christmas music, the annual HP Lovecraft Historical Society post. It will all be over soon, as long as you make your sanity rolls.

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Thanks to Peter Wong for the tip-off.

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“We’re not anti-fairies but…”

Ah, Somerset, what a magnificent source of daft news stories you are. Many of you will already have seen this on Twitter & Facebook, but it is worth repeating here. According to the BBC, a wood near Somerset village is … Continue reading

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Evil Exposed! Shock! Horror!

Throughout the past week British newspapers have been full or articles from prominent left-wing intellectuals explaining how a vicious and violent campaign of bullying and censorship by the “powerful trans lobby” has prevented them from expressing their views in public. … Continue reading

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Launching the Monkey

This evening I was in Bristol for the launch of the third and final volume of Gareth L. Powell’s Ack-Ack Macaque trilogy, Macaque Attack. As promised in his bet with Twitter, Gareth turned up dressed as his hero. Here is … Continue reading

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A Merry Jazzy Squidmas

Hopefully most of you are at least getting off work early today. Tonight you may be settling in for a nice meal, some wine, and perhaps a little whisky before bed. What better accompaniment to that than some nice jazz. … Continue reading

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How TERFs See Us

Mentioning that horrible Woman’s Hour program in my Radio 4 post reminded me that Sarah Brown came across some really weird stuff online recently. It is a sort of pop-psychology test designed to tell whether you are a trans woman … Continue reading

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Me at Tor

I should be in the air by now, but according to the good folks at Tor something I wrote will be going live on the Tor UK and blogs around now. When I arrive in Toronto I am expected … Continue reading

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Giant Squid Book

Last week I got tempted by a very big book. This one. Yes, I know, it is Lovecraft. But if you want to deconstruct Lovecraft you have to know a bit about what he wrote, and this book looks invaluable … Continue reading

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Scary Monsters?

What’s the scariest thing you can see on Halloween? Well for some people it is apparently Moomins. Not these Moomins, though. They definitely have teh cute. They were pointed out to me by a kindly Twitter follower from Japan. You … Continue reading

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All Your Thrones R Belong To Us

If you are going to have your picture taken on That Throne, you might has well ham it up. My thanks to Pete Young for taking the picture.

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The Kids Are Revolting, In a Good Way

Last night’s BristolCon Fringe meeting was very interesting in two ways. Firstly, Ken Shinn had us agog with a tale about a demonic version of Benny Hill who has a drunken otter for a familiar. In addition our other guest, … Continue reading

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I Love Liverpool

Yeah, OK, there’s the Adelphi, but I am trying hard to block that from my mind. Actually it has been quite a while since I was here. The last time was in 2004, when I see I was a bit … Continue reading

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