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Yesterday on Ujima – Punching Nazis, Ending Violence, Mental Health

Yesterday’s radio show began with an interview with Jonathan L. Howard whose latest Carter & Lovecraft book, After the End of the World, sees our heroes transported into a world in which the Nazis won WWII. We discussed how miraculously … Continue reading

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Queering Localities, Day 2

Friday was pretty full on, including having to deliver my own paper, but I had a really great time and learned lots. Here are some highlights from day 2 of the conference. Louise Pawley from Brighton told us about an … Continue reading

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Is the number of trans people elected to political office in the USA yesterday. Helen Boyd has the full list. That’s a nice little black eye for the whiny child in the White House. As usual the media has been … Continue reading

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Airships Over America

Thanks to Kevin, and to Dave Clark of Cargo Cult Books, copies of Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion are on sale this weekend at BayCon, a large annual convention held in San José, California. Kevin tweeted this photo to show … Continue reading

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Political Stories

I’ve not been commenting on the US election, partly because I’ve lived there and know that the situation is far more complex than most people over this side of the pond think it is, and partly because I deeply distrusted … Continue reading

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Freeloaders, We Hates Them

My American friends have been having a good laugh recently over the fact that Mitt Romney told a bunch of his rich backers that Obama voters are freeloaders who live off state handouts. It seems an odd audience to say … Continue reading

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Silicon Valley Gets Desperate

So there you are, kicking out one great software idea after another, and all you need to get them to market are a pile of top class computer science graduates. You want the very best people, no matter where in … Continue reading

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Weightless Books Sale

Listening to the latest Coode Street Podcast, I have finally discovered why Black Friday is called Black Friday. As you may be aware, much of the retail business is focused on the Winterval shopping frenzy. That’s particularly the case for … Continue reading

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Running the Numbers

Over on his Livejournal, Neil Clarke has been doing some analysis of short fiction category of the Locus Recommended Reading List. The numbers are quite an eye-opener. I knew we had done well, but it hadn’t occurred to me as … Continue reading

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Traveling European Fans Wanted

Via Steve Green on Facebook I understand that TAFF, the Transatlantic Fan Fund, is in a bit of a crisis this year. The deadline for nominations for the 2011 race, which will take a fan from Europe to the Worldcon … Continue reading

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The Timing of Summer

Here in Britain we tend to recognize summer on the basis of astronomy. June 21st is the longest day of the year, so it must be mid-summer’s day. That means summer is half over already, and a pretty rotten summer … Continue reading

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Unclear On The Concept

Alex Massie reveals that Americans still don’t quite understand how this soccer thing works. Obviously they are mistaking in for cricket, where English fans routinely celebrate draws as victories.

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You Don’t Have To Be Crazy…

It being election time here in the UK, the TV is full of party-political broadcasts. The latest fashion is for celebrity endorsements. David Cameron has apparently being hitting the campaign trail with a pop star in tow (or possibly the … Continue reading

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Another US Immigration Story

The eagle-eyed Arnold Akien sent me a link to this story about Indian IT workers with valid H1-B and L-1 visas being denied entry by the CBP. In theory such visas only entitle you to work for a single employer … Continue reading

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A Parallel Experience

This morning friends in New Zealand forwarded me a link to this sorry tale of an experience with US Customs & Border Patrol. Obviously bekitty had a much worse time of it than I did. As I have said, the … Continue reading

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Border Issues

As many of you will already know, Peter Watts had his day in court yesterday, and has been found guilty. He now faces the possibility of up to two years in prison, although the final sentence could be a lot … Continue reading

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Attention USA, Especially Chicago

A UK friend of mine is thinking of applying for a job with the British Schools of America, specifically in Chicago. If anyone has any experience of these folks they would be happy to share, could they please let me … Continue reading

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Trying to Make Sense of It All

There has, inevitably, been a small amount of speculation around the blogosphere about my travel problems. On the one hand there are the people preaching doom and gloom about how the Evil TSA are Out To Get Us All. On … Continue reading

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More Linkage

Because the world keeps getting more weird, and religious bigots keep shooting themselves in the foot. – First up a humiliating defeat for right-wing bishops as the House of Lords decides that the Church of England does not have the … Continue reading

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Have to Drive

America has ground to a halt for the very long holiday weekend that is Thanksgiving. As this is the time of year to get together with one’s family, travel is famously a nightmare. Kevin and I planned to get on … Continue reading

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