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Requests for Publicity

I have been meaning for some time to post a proper review policy on this blog (which would basically say, “No, I will not review your book, don’t waste your time asking.”). The main reason I haven’t done so is … Continue reading

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Jim Hines on Ebook Marketing

A couple of days ago SFWA published an interesting article about ebook publishing by Jim Hines. I have a few issues with some of the terminology Jim uses — Amazon is a retailer, not a publisher, so if you create … Continue reading

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Hugos in the News

One of the things I love about helping maintain the official Hugo Awards web site is seeing all of the links come in when major announcements are posted. This year we’ve been mentioned in a bunch of major news outlets, … Continue reading

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Catchup Linkage

More stuff I haven’t got time to write about: – At my favorite gaming blog, James Maliszewski talks about Robert E. Howard and female characters. If you only know Howard through comics and movies you should read this. – The … Continue reading

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A Specialist Market?

I’ve just been reading an interesting essay on Fingertips, a web site that specializes in music recommendation. The author, Jeremy Schlosberg, has been thinking about the way musicians such as Amanda Palmer operate in the new digital world and Kevin … Continue reading

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Facebook Spam

I’ve just taken the unusual (for me) step of de-friending someone on Facebook. Why? Because said person has been sending out “suggest you become a fan of” invitations for the same person once a week for over a month. The … Continue reading

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Amazon, The Niche Killer?

One of the useful things about online bookstores such as Amazon is that they stock just about everything. Even if a book is no longer in print, they will put you in touch with a second-hand dealer who has a … Continue reading

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The Worldcon Mission Statement

Much of the discussion on Worldcon and publishers has centered around the idea that if you did X to Worldcon then it “would not be Worldcon any more”. However, it is by no means clear what this means. Different people … Continue reading

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Busy Overnight

I’m delighted to see so much activity in comments on the Worldcon post overnight. Hopefully that will continue today. However, there is one thing that I wanted to raise. Many of the people commenting are still stuck in binary thinking, … Continue reading

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How Publishers See Worldcon

My following up of Google Alerts on the Seattle bid collapse led me to an author blog where I found this: My publisher and publicists urged me to go to ComiCon instead this year–the media exposure is much better there … Continue reading

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The Effectiveness of Reviews

There is a Journal of Marketing Research. Who knew? I didn’t until today. But it does sound like an interesting publication. And the reason I have found out about it is that it has just published a paper on the … Continue reading

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Progress of a Sort

I’m a sucker for online surveys. I figure that if I don’t give people feedback then their products will never get any better. The good news on this is that I’m seeing an increasing number of surveys that are looking … Continue reading

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On Age Banding

As some of you will know, there’s a huge fuss going on in the UK at the moment about a plan by some publishers to put stickers on children’s books indicating what age of reader the book is aimed at. … Continue reading

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Class Marketing

Borders sent me a 25% off voucher for my birthday.

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My Famous Friends

As regular readers will know, I have an interest in the sociology of the Internet. As someone who has been nominated for awards on the basis of her online writing, I should try to understand the medium in which I’m … Continue reading

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Convention Finder

Via SFWA I have discovered this new web site that claims to be able to give you a list of all of the conventions within 120 miles of your zip code. Of course it can only do that if it … Continue reading

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Managing the Media

One of the things I have been doing today is learning more about media management. I got to attend a lecture by a media professional from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). While they clearly have their own … Continue reading

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On Blog Monetization

Browsing through GalleyCat this morning I was led to this long and interesting post about how to make money out of blogging. Although Steve Pavlina is essentially in the self-improvement business, which is home to a great deal of quackery, … Continue reading

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Pretty Good Odds

The indefatigable Simon Kavanagh has set up an entertaining little promotion for Iain Banks’ Matter in Facebook. It is a virtual event. Some people seem to have got kind of confused by this, but basically all you need to do … Continue reading

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Elves Don’t Rock (official)

Via SF Scope I learn that Justina Robson has a Cafe Press shop for her Quantum Gravity series. Naturally I scooted over there immediately, but only to be disappointed. Where is my replica Lila Black body armor? I ask. Or … Continue reading

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