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On Roman Hairstyles

Friday’s history event at Bristol University was a lot of fun and I’ll be blogging later for them about the trans history that I learned that day. For now I want to catch up on the dinner conversation. I was … Continue reading

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Hooray For Sailor Moon

Kevin has been telling me for a long time that the later series of Sailor Moon were extravagantly queer. I was impressed. Little did I know that he was under-selling them. If you want to know more, and what American … Continue reading

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The Dress

The very wonderful Daniel Spector has come through with a photo that shows off my Hugo dress rather well. (Don’t ask what I’m doing with the rocket.)

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Girl’s Got Style

Diana Prince has been shopping. The new togs are seriously cool. This is enough to make me want to turn up at a convention in a superhero costume (except, of course, I’d need to lose a lot of weight in … Continue reading

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Yet More Linkage

Because I have spent most of today on Day Jobbery. – Joe Gordon reports on a BBC story about a supposed real-life Glasgow vampire that caused massive moral panic and led to censoring of comics. – Justine Larbalestier has a … Continue reading

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Morning in Brisbane

It is a good job I leave my iPhone by my bed at night. This morning I switched it on to check Twitter and found that the Aurealis Award ceremony was in full swing in Brisbane. I got the announcements … Continue reading

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The Lush Swag Bag

Yesterday I was in Bristol for a BristolCon committee meeting (all going well – expect an announcement about guests at the beginning of February). Naturally I did some shopping too, and that included going to Lush. On entering the shop … Continue reading

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No Miracles Here

I suppose it is possible that a photograph taken by a top-flight professional can make you look stunningly gorgeous when you are not, but if so he’ll probably need plenty of time and the help of a good makeup artist. … Continue reading

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Melbourne in the Rain

You remember all that news we’ve been getting about droughts in Australia? Well that didn’t include Melbourne. As far as rain goes, Melbourne is a bit like Manchester – if it is not raining, then it is about to do … Continue reading

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Making Wrinkles Go Away

What do stains on furniture, scratches on cars and wrinkles on faces have in common? We all want to get rid of them, and doing so often involves tricks of physics. Want to know how your foundation works? Diandra at … Continue reading

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Dress Shopping Report

I have bought a Dress. I must admit I wasn’t expecting to find one in Darkest Somerset, but maybe we are coming up in the world. It’s not the best quality ever, but it fits and it will be noticeable, … Continue reading

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Comics for Girls

I found this at Tia Nevitt’s excellent Fantasy Debut blog. Traditionalists are presumably going to hate it, but I just love what Marvel has done with the packaging. Personally, of course, I’d prefer Austen spiced with zombies. A generous helping … Continue reading

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Oscar Watching

I’m not going to stay up, and I’m not that much of a film fan anyway. Besides, Joe Gordon has already provided pretty much everything I wanted to see from the ceremony.

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About Next Week

One of the reasons I decided to go for Twitter is that next week I will have an ideal excuse to test it – I am off to N’Awlins for a business conference. That means I’ll be detached from my … Continue reading

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Lady in Red

It is official, girls – the color red is an aphrodisiac for guys. Not that this hasn’t been obvious for a long time, but it is nice to see science catching up.

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Stade Francais Calendar 2009

OK, so I know most of you won’t have bothered to read a post about rugby laws, but this one might be a little more popular. A new European rugby season means a new Stade Francais calendar. For the benefit … Continue reading

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Emotibomb Test Redux

The original test of the Lush emotibomb fizzled rather because it Kevin developed his eye problem, which kind of put a dampner on the whole “sex in the shower” thing. However, yesterday we found the local Lush shop, and this … Continue reading

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Weather Update

The wind is howling around outside, but we continue to be very lucky with the rain. I did remember to bring an umbrella, but it would be totally useless in this wind so I’m leaving it in the hotel room. … Continue reading

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Babylon AD Update

Kim Newman has posted a review of Babylon AD on Facebook (which I probably can’t link to, sorry). Two things of note from the review. Firstly Charlotte Rampling looks that good at her age because of what Kim calls “cgi … Continue reading

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Shopping Discovery

OK, time to start catching up on things I did yesterday, starting with the shopping. So, there I was in Lush yesterday, and I got offered a free sample of something called a “sex in the shower emotibomb”. These appear … Continue reading

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