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Neil Gaiman, Stephen Fry & Chris Riddell do Mythology

Yesterday at the Hay Literary Festival Neil Gaiman and Stephen Fry did an event about mythology. Neil talked about his hugely successful Norse Mythology book, and Stephen about a forthcoming book on Greek Myths. As a special bonus, Chris Riddell … Continue reading

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Launching Twilight People

I am in London, for their leg of the 2016 National Festival of LGBT History. The first event was last night at Islington Museum. It was the opening of Twilight People, a photographic exhibition of trans people of faith. The … Continue reading

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A Trip to the Seaside

Weston-super-Mare is a small town on the Somerset coast previously most famous for being home to Jeffrey Archer. These days, of course, it is well known for Banksy’s new Dismaland exhibition. I didn’t go there for that. Tickets are like … Continue reading

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Photo Shoot – We Have Results

So yeah, I figured that a serious professional photographer like Lou would manage to produce something I’d be OK with. It is her job to work miracles. I didn’t expect to be really pleased with some of the results. Here’s … Continue reading

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Photo Shoot

I spent the morning in Bath pretending to be a fashion model. Of course I’m not one. What was actually going on is that I have discovered that I need a professionally done head shot for publicity purposes. This is … Continue reading

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Photos From Pride

Shout Out had an official photographer on hand at Pride, and Mary Milton has just posted a number of his pictures to Facebook. Two of them included me. This is myself, Tommy Popcorn and Jasmine, the Ujima team that hosted … Continue reading

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Museum of Inuit Art, Toronto

I had a little time to myself over last weekend in Toronto, so I took the opportunity to catch up with some culture. For this trip I visited the Museum of Inuit Art, which is in the Queen’s Quay building … Continue reading

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The Way We Were

My uncle and I have been sorting through my mother’s records to help her manage her affairs while she is sick. In the process I came across a file of letters I sent her while I was living in Australia. … Continue reading

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All Your Thrones R Belong To Us

If you are going to have your picture taken on That Throne, you might has well ham it up. My thanks to Pete Young for taking the picture.

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Trans Pride – Day 2 Revisited

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Brighton. I gather from Bethany Black that other parts of the country were actually hot (by which I mean over 30C), but here it was warm with a cool sea breeze. It was ideal … Continue reading

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Beth Gwinn Photo Kickstarter

My friend Beth Gwinn, who has been the main photographer for Locus for as long as I can remember, has a Kickstarter campaign going to fund production of a book of her photographs of science fiction and fantasy writers. The … Continue reading

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Croatia Trip Wrap

I think I have everything processed now. There is a con report available here, complete with photos of the event. I should, of course, give huge thanks to everyone involved. To Mihaela, Bernard & Iggy, and to Milena, Marko & … Continue reading

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Brighton – The Photos

I have uploaded the photos I took on my trip to Brighton last weekend. The include a bunch of scenic shots of the sea front, various restaurants, and the meals I ate at Smokey’s and Indian Summer. There are not … Continue reading

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Finncon 2013 Photos

I have finally got around to processing my photos from Finncon. They are taken with a new camera, which has a panorama mode. Here they are:

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Åcon #6 Photos

I’ve finally got my photos from Åcon online. They are mostly tourist stuff, and especially interesting if you are into sailing ships. Windjammers, pirates: what more can you ask for? A castle, a distillery and a chocolate tasting, I guess.

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Local Costume Design Exhibition

Our local shopping center has a few empty stores these days, but they seem to be trying to make use of them. Today I found an exhibition of costume art put on by students from a local college. As far … Continue reading

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Union Cup – Some Photos

I managed to find the time to take a few photos during the Union Cup festivities. Sadly most of those from the awards ceremony didn’t come out to well (which was partly my fault for trying to avoid getting showered … Continue reading

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A Trip to Manchester

Yesterday afternoon I headed up to Manchester, and in the evening gave a talk to the local trans group. Manchester has a very well-organized and active LGBT community. It is a very inclusive group as well, as far as I … Continue reading

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Total Art

I’m in London for a couple of days, and I unexpectedly had more free time today than originally planned. Judith Clute suggested that we go and consume some culture, as they would say on Galactic Suburbia. So I allowed myself … Continue reading

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Adventures in Gastronomy

On Friday evening, Justina Robson and I were on a panel about politics and science fiction in Stokes Croft as part of the Bristol Festival of Literature. I had got a ticket for Paul Cornell, but he had been lured … Continue reading

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