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A Day at the Seaside

This afternoon Jo Hall had a signing at the delightful Books on the Hill store in Clevedon. Being a loyal publisher, I went along to support her. This also gave me a reason to visit Clevedon, a seaside town on … Continue reading

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Cory Wants to Be Free

I spent much of today in Bristol where Cory Doctorow was promoting his new non-fiction book, Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free. He was there at the behest of the Festival of Ideas and the local branch of the Open … Continue reading

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Cory Doctorow in Bristol

This is a reminder for Bristol folks that Cory Doctorow is appearing at the Watershed tomorrow as part of the Festival of Ideas. Here’s some of the blurb: Can small artists still thrive in the Internet era? Can giant record … Continue reading

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Today on Ujima: Comics, Bristol Pounds, Kids & Trans Pride

First up on today’s show was Lorenzo Etherington, the art half of Bristol’s highly successful comics creation scheme, the Etherington Brothers. Lorenzo and Robin work primarily on books for comics kids, but comics are comics no matter who they are … Continue reading

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State Sponsored Piracy

Yesterday there was a bit of a dust up in UK social media on the subject of book piracy. As you doubtless know, all Wizard’s Tower books are DRM-free, and are available for sale all over the world. Aside from … Continue reading

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It’s Not Amazon, It’s You

Well, not all of you, obviously. Some of you are very clued up on ebook issues. But the various Amazon fails that have happened over the past few weeks have brought home to me how many people who profess to … Continue reading

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E-Book Settlement – Amazon Wins Again

If anyone was in any doubt that the e-book pricing anti-trust lawsuit was a case of capture of the legal system by Amazon, here’s the proof. Normally when there’s a class action lawsuit, the courts collect the money and parcel … Continue reading

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Off The Rails

I’m doing this post mainly for the benefit of Kevin, who is very interested in rail policy, but today’s fiasco does have relevance to my day job as well. Lets start with a brief recap. Many years ago the previous … Continue reading

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Derivatives: More Maths Won’t Save Us

Today’s Observer (the Sunday Guardian) has an interesting article about derivatives valuation by Professor Ian Stewart. You’ll probably know Stewart from books he has written with Jack Cohen and Terry Pratchett, and you may remember that for a couple of … Continue reading

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Local Currency

So today I discovered that Bristol has its own currency, the Bristol Pound. What!!?? Yes, really, and it is all legal. Of course the city isn’t actually printing money. That would cause people in Westminster to send the army in. … Continue reading

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Online Price Checks Hit High Street

There has been a certain amount of concern in the book business of late about a new initiative from Amazon. What they are doing is encouraging consumers to report the prices that are being offered by bricks and mortar bookstores … Continue reading

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Beatts on Bookstores

This morning over breakfast I listened to the latest episode of Alisa Krasnostein and Jonathan Strahan’s podcast, Live and Sassy. This featured an interview with the owner of one of my favorite bookstores: Alan Beatts of Borderlands Books in San … Continue reading

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Bookstore Arithmetic

Yesterday I saw someone on Twitter encouraging his friends to buy Tim Maughan’s book, Paintwork, from Amazon. Now of course people are free to buy from whoever they please, but if you want to help British writers such as Tim … Continue reading

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Lawyers + Ebooks = Trouble

Today’s news brought word of a troubling development in the USA. Hagens Berman, a “consumer rights firm”, has filed a class action lawsuit against Apple and several major publishers over the “agency model” system of ebook pricing. They allege that … Continue reading

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Amazon and The Book Depository

Yesterday’s Twitter updates brought the depressing news that Amazon is to buy up my second favorite online bookstore (the first being my own, naturally), The Book Depository. Reaction to this in my corner of the blogosphere has been pretty much … Continue reading

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Laws Are Just the Start

Via the excellent Lauren Beukes on Twitter I discovered this presentation, produced for The Economist, which looks at the economic opportunities for women in 113 countries around the world. By far the most startling thing about it is the discovery … Continue reading

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People and Money

Running Wizard’s Tower is proving interesting and educational in a number of ways. Unsurprisingly, I have discovered that I am not a very good salesperson. Making stuff is no problem. Persuading people to part with money is quite another. Some … Continue reading

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What’s In Store – The Magazines

Aside from Dark Spires, the only things I have in store at the moment are copies of Clarkesworld and Salon Futura. I don’t expect this state of affairs to last. I’m actively talking to small presses and individual authors about … Continue reading

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What’s In Store? – Dark Spires

Now that I have this smart new online store, I should talk a bit about what we have for sale. We have a whole lot of issues of Salon Futura and Clarkesworld — I’ll talk more about them tomorrow. I’m … Continue reading

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The Coming Race

If you need any further proof that we now live in The Future, consider this: The Economist is blogging about the effect of robots on labour markets. Of course, like any good pundit, they hedge their case: Of course, full … Continue reading

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