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Lobsters for Emojis

When I was at Trans Pride in Brighton I was rather confused by some people in the parade apparently dressed as lobsters, and carrying plastic lobsters, and flags with lobsters on them. I mean, I’m very fond of lobsters, but … Continue reading

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I Talk Women in IT at Bristol 24/7

In what I expect to be the first in a series of monthly columns on women’s issues, I have done this year’s Ada Lovelace Day post (slightly late), at Bristol 24/7, a brand new magazine dedicated to life in Bristol. … Continue reading

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Angry Robots, Round 2

You’ll all doubtless remember the inept piece of monitoring software that killed the live webcast of the Hugo ceremony. I’m sure that’s by no means the only instance of software incorrectly accusing someone of theft. In fact, here’s another example. … Continue reading

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Åcon Here I Come

Lots of bloggery today, because tomorrow I am heading for Finland and my first ever Åcon. In US con terms, Åcon is a literary relaxacon. Rather like SMOFcon, it is as much a holiday for Finnish con-runners as a convention, … Continue reading

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Smarter Than Us?

Today in my Twitter feed I was pointed to this article (thanks Errol!) about how computers in telescopes are doing most of the grunt work for astronomers. The story leads with the idea that, “Astronomy could be the first discipline … Continue reading

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Repeating the Same Mistakes

At the moment I am spending a lot of time looking at tools for making ebooks. Because ebook files are mainly XHTML these are very similar to the tools people were coming up with 10 years ago for building websites. … Continue reading

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Adventures in Wi-Fi

Today I finally got around to testing out the Mi-Fi with my netbook. The 3 signal isn’t strong enough for me to do so from the cottage, but it works fine in the town center. I was able to browse … Continue reading

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Dust to Dust

The comics App on the iPad is called Comics (clever that) and comes from a distributor called Comixology. It doesn’t yet support all of the publishers in their paper catalog. In particular it is missing DC and Vertigo. However, there … Continue reading

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iHaz iPad

Yes, I have succumbed. I have bought an iPad. There are, I am sure, lots of things I will use it for. For starters it will save my eyes a lot of strain because I’ll now use Twitter and Reeder … Continue reading

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Is Free Old-Fashioned?

Over at the music recommendation blog, Fingertips, Jeremy is once again dipping his toes into the maelstrom of debate around issues of the value of digitally-distributed art, an issue that now affects stories as well as songs. Most of you … Continue reading

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Continued Use of Foul Language

So, I am back from Eastercon, and trying to sort out my computer problems. The netbook screen worked again briefly yesterday, but has now gone back to trying to emulate a Damien Hirst spin painting. I have successfully extracted the … Continue reading

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In Which There Is Much Swearing

Today I due to do three live panels. So today my netbook decided to die on me. I think it is only the screen that has gone, but even so it is unusable. I do have a laptop with me, … Continue reading

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Linking Again

Because I should be packing for P-Con and doing the day job. – An interesting statement by Christopher Handley’s lawyer on the subject of obscenity and manga, and why they chose to plead guilty. – A great article on fear … Continue reading

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Sports Games on the Wii

One of the most impressive things about the Wii is the range of realistic sports that you get with the basic package. Wii Sports Resort adds to this. I’m particularly addicted to the table tennis game, though that is in … Continue reading

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How Technology Should Work

A few months ago one of my laptops suffered a terminal dysfunction of its screen – it looked like the backlighting had failed. As I don’t have an external monitor here in Darkest Somerset I wasn’t able to test that … Continue reading

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Stupid, Stupid Computers

Here in Darkest Somerset I am working with two computers, a Dell laptop (running XP) and the new Acer netbook (running Windows 7). When I was using them in California they could see each other over the in-house network. Here … Continue reading

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Well, That’s Us Stuffed Then

Apparently it is now official – researchers at the University of Washington claim that women avoid careers in IT because they associate the field with reading science fiction books and watching Star Trek. I wonder what would have happened if … Continue reading

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The Promised Technology Post

Having had a week or so to play with the new toys, I have some experiences to write about. Toy #1 is a 1 Tb hard drive. Yes, we do have that much data. I generate data like crazy for … Continue reading

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Running Errands

Sunday is generally housework and errands day here. That includes maintaining the technology. Where other people might clean the car, we work on the electronics. So today we have been to the Toy Shop (otherwise known as Frys) and spent … Continue reading

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Mine, But Not Mine

One of the main annoyances of changing computers is that there is always some piece of software that you desperately need, and own legally, that you can’t transfer from one computer to the other. I’ve been spending much of the … Continue reading

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