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Off With Their Heads!

On Tuesday I found time to visit the Game of Thrones exhibition here in Belfast. If you are into costuming it is well worth it as they have costumes from most of the leading characters in the series. However, because … Continue reading

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My #IWD2018 Ujima Show

A day early for International Women’s Day, I devoted most of my show yesterday to feminist issues. However, I started out in Australia by welcoming film critic, Tara Judah, to talk about Sweet Country. Tara is from Melbourne originally, so … Continue reading

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Life Goal

If you are going to be EVIL, you might as well be EVIL with style. For those of you who don’t have Netflix and are not enjoying Star Trek: Discovery, our heroes are currently trapped in an alternate universe where … Continue reading

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Worldcon: Day 4

I was so tired last night that It forgot to set my alarm and woke up 1.5 hours later than planned. While I did get around 7.5 hours sleep, I didn’t get breakfast because I had an 11:00am panel and … Continue reading

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How To Help #Piracity Without Spending Money

One day in: so far so good. We’ve had a bunch of backers for Piracity. If we get that much in pledges every day then we should fund. However, a month is a very long time in Internetland, and interest … Continue reading

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Worldcon Site Selection

The Hugos are not the only thing that needs to be voted on at Worldcon. There is also the small matter of deciding where Worldcon will be held in 2018. The two bids that have filed their papers are for … Continue reading

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Finncon 2016 Masquerade

These are the official photos from the Finncon 2016 Masquerade. The first four pictures are from the juniors competition. I’m missing one of the kids as he missed the photoshoot, and some of the names of the adults and their … Continue reading

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Bath, Fairies and Feminism

Today I was up early and off to Bath to catch some of the participants in Emma Newman’s Split Worlds Ball before they were too busy. It is an absolutely amazing event that Emma and her friends are staging. How … Continue reading

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Miss Universe Does Gender

Despite it having escaped the odious clutches of Trump the Chump, there’s no way Miss Universe is going to get on mainstream British television. We don’t do that sort of thing here these days. (If it is on one of … Continue reading

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Archipelacon – Day 3

I think I need to check the convention program book so I can remember all of the things I did today. I was up early because I had to be at the Other Hotel for 10:00am to record an episode … Continue reading

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Miss Universe Does Cosplay

I’m not a huge fan of beauty pageants, especially where kids are involved, though I quite understand the sense of validation that some women, especially trans women, get from them. There just isn’t much for me in them, usually. Sometimes, … Continue reading

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Next Year’s Costume

It is a bit late for this year, but next year my Halloween icon is going to be this magnificent drawing by Simon Gane (who lives in Bath — hint, hint, BristolCon). You can find it, and a whole lot … Continue reading

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Finncon – Day 3

First up today was my LGBT superheroes talk. I didn’t count the audience, but it looked like at least 50 people. They laughed in all of the right places, which is good. Then I had a panel on “likeable” characters … Continue reading

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Airships Over Bristol

While many of my friends were busy celebrating the first day of same-sex marriage (congratulations, Mary & Georgina!), the mad, impetuous fools of the BristolCon Foundation were throwing an Airship Ball. There was a Victorian Picnic (complete with cucumber sandwiches, … Continue reading

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Airship In The House

This morning three large cartons of Airship Shaped & Bristol Fashion arrived at Jo Hall’s house in Bristol. Any contributors who live close to Jo can make arrangements with her to collect their copies. For other local people, we will … Continue reading

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Brighton Restaurants – The Marlborough

Well, more of a pub than a restaurant, and as much of a queer club and theater as a pub. When we have an Outer Alliance meet-up with the local community (which I am sure we will), it will be … Continue reading

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Finncon – More Pictures

Finncon has its own Tumblr feed, which is full of great pictures of the event. Here are a few. Tony Stark shows off his armor All fans welcome here They assure me that this isn’t a mosquito Kisu before the … Continue reading

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Finncon – The Masquerade

This year’s Finncon masquerade ran pretty much flawlessly. The only real issue was the lack of entries. We were supposed to have 9, but Kisu dislocated her knee during the day and was in hospital having it checked out when … Continue reading

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Local Costume Design Exhibition

Our local shopping center has a few empty stores these days, but they seem to be trying to make use of them. Today I found an exhibition of costume art put on by students from a local college. As far … Continue reading

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Worldcon: The Masquerade

Worldcon is certainly getting in the news this year. As well as the whole UStream fiasco, I spotted this post on Mashable highlighting some of the best costumes see at the convention. It includes the Masquerade winner, and to save … Continue reading

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