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The Graz Armoury

One of the highlights of my visit to Graz — indeed the one thing I desperately wanted to do before getting there — was visiting the Armoury. They have an incredible amount of mediaeval and early modern armour and weaponry … Continue reading

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Kunsthistorisches Museum Photos

My main interest in Vienna was the Kunsthistorisches Museum. I only had a few hours and of course I spent most of my time looking at ancient stuff. Frankly there was so much bling on show in the Hapsburg displays … Continue reading

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Graz Photos

Here are some more photos from my trip to Austria. These are all from the city of Graz, where the conference took place. They include the Schlossberg, the precipitous, fortified hill in the middle of the city. Graz is 2 … Continue reading

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Vienna Photos

Today is St. Stephen’s Day, and therefore the perfect day to put up some of my pictures of Vienna, given that their main cathedral is named after him. Google has comprehensively broken their photo system, which means that the system … Continue reading

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Up on the Aqueduct

More of the “that time of year” thing. This time it is the review of the year posts on the Aqueduct Press blog. The lovely folks at Aqueduct keep asking me to write these things, so I keep doing them. … Continue reading

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Women’s Outlook Has a Podcast

With the Listen Again system having problems, I needed to find a new way to share the Women’s Outlook show with you. Fortunately there was a recording of the August 1st show, so I asked the station managemnt for permission … Continue reading

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Italy Part 1 – Train Adventures

Here I am in Italy. I am attending a conference called “Literature, Translation, and Mediation by and for children: Gender, Diversity, and Stereotype”. (That’s their title, don’t complain to me about the commas.) It is being put on by the … Continue reading

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A Trip to San Antonio

No, not me, I’m still now allowed into the USA. I’m talking about G.V. Anderson, the young writer from Dorset whose first professional sale, “Das Steingeschöpf”, has been chosen as a World Fantasy Award Finalist. Naturally she’s very excited, but … Continue reading

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Toilets in Helsinki

One of the things that worries people most about visiting a foreign country is making sure they use the correct toilet. As you will have noticed from my videos, major venues such as the airport and Messukeskus doing the usual … Continue reading

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Friday Night is Cruising Night

On the first Friday evening of each month proud car owners in Helsinki bring their beloved vehicles to the harbor where they can be admired by others. Otto and I took a trip to see the show. Here are some … Continue reading

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Helsinki – Airport to City by Train

A whole lot of you will be flying into Helsinki for Worldcon over the next few days, and will be wondering how you get from the airport to the city. So I made a video of what I did when … Continue reading

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Travel Planning

If you have asked me about my availability recently I have probably said something along the lines of, “not in February, please”. That’s LGBT History Month, and that tends to mean a lot of travel. Today I have been doing … Continue reading

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Train to Helsinki

One of the things that was different on this trip to Helsinki is that the train from the airport is now in service. As a service to Worldcon members, and a gift to Kevin, here is a brief report. Helsinki … Continue reading

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A Day in Hay

As I mentioned earlier, I spent yesterday at the Hay Festival. It was the first time I have been, mainly because you need a car to get there and until recently I haven’t had one. Of course having a car … Continue reading

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Traveling Privilege

I’m spending most of today asleep because of jet lag, but I did want to comment briefly on my travel experience. I have been to North America. I have taken a total of four plane flights. Not once have I … Continue reading

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Launching #MTHF16

Kevin and I spent most of today playing tourist around Victoria. The weather was beautiful again, and we are both very footsore as a result. Victoria is a beautiful city, and it has loads of bookstores. Of course today is … Continue reading

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In the Great North West

Early this morning I got on a plane from Toronto heading west. A few hours later I was in Vancouver, a new destination for me. But this was only the start of the journey. The first job was to head … Continue reading

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Well Done, Passport Office

I have to go to Canada in March for a conference and to visit some clients. As my passport will have less than 6 months validity left I need to renew it. Any interaction with officialdom is a scary thing … Continue reading

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TSA Ramps Up War on Trans Travelers

The introduction of “porno scanners” that show nude pictures of airport users have provided all sorts of unhappy experiences for travelers. The TSA has tried to change the way the scanners work so that staff have less fun looking at … Continue reading

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Haz Car

Well, there’s exciting. One of my cousins was trading up her car and, for reasons that I will get to shortly, the old one had no resale value. So she offered it to me for free. Obviously I had to … Continue reading

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