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Åcon – Part 2

I was having so much fun at Åcon that I didn’t get around to writing about it. Well, that’s not strictly true, I did spend quite a bit of time publicising the charity walk for One25. Huge thanks once again … Continue reading

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Target Achieved

I’m delighted to report that I have now hit the £450 target that I set for raising money for One25. I still have around 21 miles to walk to meet the 125 miles requirement, but there are plenty of days … Continue reading

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Last Lap

Those of you who have been following my fundraising challenge for One25 will know that I am almost up to 100 miles. I expect to pass that milestone later today, and I’m hoping that I will have passed the target … Continue reading

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Story Sale

This one appears to be official now. At least one of my fellow authors has written about it. So I guess I can celebrate too. I am delighted that I will be having a story in Rainbow Bouquet, an anthology … Continue reading

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Awards Eligibility Post

As you may have noticed, the Hugo Award nominating period has opened for this year. Consequently everyone is making eligibility posts. I wasn’t too fussed about that until I discovered that Jim Fitzpatrick is designing this year’s trophy base. As … Continue reading

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This Year’s Card

I still have a few, mostly elderly, friends and relatives to whom I send cards. I always buy my cards from my friend Dru Marland. The design I chose for this year is shown above. So for everyone who isn’t … Continue reading

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No Eurocon or Finncon for Me

Earlier this year I was looking forward to spending much of July in Europe. I very much wanted to go to the Eurocon in France, and the fabulous Lauren Beukes is a GoH at Finncon this year. Sadly there is … Continue reading

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Naked Podcast on SoundCloud

For those of you who don’t have Apple kit and can’t be bothered with iTunes, here is the Naked Podcast on SoundCloud. Happy listening!

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Film Preview Night #LGBT247

Some of you may remember that the lovely people at Bristol 24/7 have been working on a film project about LGBT life in the city. I got asked to be it in, as did many of my friends. Tonight at … Continue reading

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I Get Royalties

It is always a pleasure to get royalties on a book you have been involved in. This time I am even more pleased, because I’m actually being paid for writing about trans characters in SF&F. My essay is part of … Continue reading

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I spent Friday in Glastonbury where my boss at The Diversity Trust, Berkeley Wilde, was celebrating his handfasting to his partner, Duncan. They have been legally married for a few months, but being pagans it was important to them to … Continue reading

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In Mourning

The news broke last night that Ursula K Le Guin had died. Since then my social media streams have been full of very sad posts from distraught people. Yeah. Many of my friends, of course, knew Le Guin well, and/or … Continue reading

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Award Eligibility Post

It is that time of year again when I do an award eligibility post to make my author friends less self-conscious about doing their own. I have very little eligible work this year. Technically this blog is fan writing, but … Continue reading

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The Hotwells Horror

Well, today seems to be a day for book announcements. The Hotwells Horror is an anthology put together by my friend Pete Sutton in honor of local writer, David J Rodger who sadly took his own life in 2015. The … Continue reading

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Solstice Card

Yes, it is that time of year again. And because I am still in the Northern Hemisphere today is the Winter Solstice and a wintery card is required. If you were among the small group of people to whom I … Continue reading

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History Goes Viral

No, I’m not referring to the ongoing-nonsense about whether people of color existed before they were “discovered” by European colonialists. While I was down in Hove I spotted this tweet from one of the best satirical accounts on Twitter: My … Continue reading

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Missing in Blogdom

Yeah, I know it has been very quiet here of late. When I got back from Worldcon I basically had to do a whole month’s worth of day job in two weeks. I really shouldn’t have taken a couple of … Continue reading

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It is @StonewallUK #ComeOutForLGBT Day

It is campaign time with Stonewall again, and the current message is that, while we might have come along way, there is still a long way to go. A centerpiece of the campaign is a new survey which reveals that … Continue reading

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My Hugos Dress

Having got back to Helsinki, I have been able to pick up all of the photos that Paula Heinonen took at the Hugo Awards. Here are Kevin and myself all dressed up ready for the show.

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Say Goodbye, Parsley

The UK papers are all full of fine obituaries for Michael Bond, the creator of Paddington Bear, who died yesterday. Like many people of my age, I loved Paddington as a kid, but I have never been a huge fan … Continue reading

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