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Inventing the Future

Yesterday evening I was a guest panelist at an event in the Bristol Technology Festival. It was called Invented Futures, and it was all about how we use technology to, you guessed it, invent the future. Obviously I was there … Continue reading

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This Week in Bristol

I have a fairly busy week coming up. I have a radio show on Wednesday, which all of you can enjoy. That will include an interview with Kate MacDonald of Handheld Press and will look forward to Trans Pride South … Continue reading

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Bath Does Diversity in Tech

I spent most of today in Bath attending part of the Bath Digital Festival. Primarily I was there to attend a session on Diversity in Tech. It was run by the folks behind the Tech Talent Charter, an industry initiative … Continue reading

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Hello Vancouver

I decided not to go back to the conference today because frankly life is too short to waste it on people who want to invalidate other trans people’s lives and experiences. Instead Kevin and I took an early ferry and … Continue reading

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Cory Wants to Be Free

I spent much of today in Bristol where Cory Doctorow was promoting his new non-fiction book, Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free. He was there at the behest of the Festival of Ideas and the local branch of the Open … Continue reading

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New Toy

I got to be even older this week, and my mother very kindly sent me some money. For once I have not just put it into the “books & clothes” fund, I’ve gone out and bought something relatively pricey: a … Continue reading

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Science Fiction and Innovation

Jon Turney’s working paper on the impact of science fiction on technology is now available from the sponsors, NESTA. There is also a complimentary paper from some folks at Sussex University available here. Jon blogs about the paper here. Despite … Continue reading

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Busy Week

Sorry about the lack of bloggage recently. Yesterday and much of today are being taken up with an urgent piece of work for the day job. It makes me money, and nothing else I do does, so I have to … Continue reading

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Early Russian SF

The origins of science fiction are a matter of much debate. Frankenstein (1818) is often cited as the first SF novel, while Jules Verne is lauded as the “father of science fiction”. Shelley, Verne and Wells all pre-date the launch … Continue reading

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New Toy – Nexus 7

With the large number of Android devices available on the market these days, and with my very busy August having put some money in the bank, I figured that it was about time that Wizard’s Tower Press invested in an … Continue reading

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Africa: an End and a Beginning

This weekend sees the final days of the Science Fiction in Africa exhibition at The Arnolfini in Bristol. To mark this there have been more events, and this afternoon I attended a talk by two of the founders of the … Continue reading

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Science Fiction and Technology – A Partnership?

My science writer friend, Jon Turney, has a very cool project underway. NESTA, an investment think tank, has commissioned him to examine the relationship between science fiction and technology. Basically they want to know whether science fiction has an influence … Continue reading

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Industrial Injury

Somehow I have managed to give myself an RSI-like injury in my right shoulder. It is swollen up and a bit painful, and of course the swelling means it doesn’t move properly. The doctor recommended ibuprofen, which I am taking … Continue reading

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Bristol Under the Blitz

My pal Eugene Byrne has provided the script for a local history project in Bristol. You can now get an iPhone app that will take you on a guided tour of Bristol, pointing out areas where the city was changed … Continue reading

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More On Podcasts

The podcast field is expanding rapidly, I suspect in no small part due to the success of StarShipSofa in the Hugos. The latest site to get in on the action is SF Signal. They have their debut episode up here. … Continue reading

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Danger, Thinking Too Fast

I was reading this piece from The Guardian — the latest in a long series about how the Internet is making us stupid because technology is Evil — when I suddenly realized what we need to do. The government should … Continue reading

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Another Great Podcast

The Jonathan Strahan and Gary K. Wolfe podcast series continues to entertain me. This week’s episode talks a lot about Nnedi Okorafor’s first adult novel, Who Fears Death, which I had already been planning to buy. The section that I … Continue reading

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Sloppy Journalism Report

Here’s me going all Ben Goldacre on you. Today’s Guardian has a report (under the byline of Charles Arthur who is apparently their Technology Editor) that yells “Security leak leaves US Apple iPad owners at risk”. What does it leave … Continue reading

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I Have No Phone And I Must Tweet

Well that was a bit scary. I had been having a fairly slow day at the Bristol Comic Expo. All had been going pretty much according to plan up until around 4:00pm when I came back to the Mercure to … Continue reading

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Not Dead, Maybe Robotic

I’ve been quiet today because I have been busy with the Day Jobbe and with other blogs. I’m sure you don’t really need me to blog every day, but I still feel guilty. What I need is a robot avatar … Continue reading

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