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Worldcon #77 – Day 4

Today was mostly a do nothing day. I didn’t have any panels, and I knew I needed to save my energy for a long evening covering the Hugo Award Ceremony. I did spend some time in the morning shopping for … Continue reading

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Tourism in Dublin

Some of you are in Ireland already, and many more are on the way. Obviously there is Worldcon to look forward to, and a fair amount of Irish history (particularly if you count yourself as part of the diaspora), but … Continue reading

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Whisky Tasting Redux

As Twitter followers will know, last night I attended a whisky tasting given by the fabulous folks at Independent Spirit in Bath. Chris Scullion is enormously knowledgeable about whisky and always worth listening to. Last night’s tasting focused on things … Continue reading

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A Whisky is Born

Last night I took myself into Bath for a very special event – the launch of a new whisky. My pals at Independent Spirit have been wanting to have their own bottling for some time, and finally it has happened, … Continue reading

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Travel Day

If it is Tuesday evening I must be in Helsinki. Goodness only knows where my brain is. I had to get up at 5:30 this morning in order to get to Heathrow on time. This is not good for me. … Continue reading

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Beer Tasting (and Croatian Art)

I have been saying for some time that Bath has two superb independent bookstores, but it also now has a really good whisky shop: Independent Spirit. Indeed, I will be there tonight for a tasting of Japanese whiskies (so make … Continue reading

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OK Australia, This Means War

Forget the cricket. That’s just sport, after all. And us Poms seem to rather enjoy losing (though we much prefer losing to West Indies). No, this is something much more serious: whisky. Last week an Australian whisky was named the … Continue reading

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A Tour of the Smoke, Islay Style

Last night I attended a whisky tasting run by my new pals at Independent Spirit Bath. It wasn’t just any whisky either, we were concentrating on Islay malts, and given that I am very partial to strongly peaty flavors this … Continue reading

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Robinson in Bath

Last night I attending a reading by Kim Stanley Robinson at Toppings in Bath. It was a great evening, but sadly very poorly attended. I do hope that Stan got a better crowd at the British Library today. I appreciate … Continue reading

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SF & Malt Whisky: A Perfect Blend

As many of you will know, one of my current favorite whiskies is Jura Prophecy. I had no idea that the Jura distillery also owns a writer’s retreat. I should be paying more attention to what Ken MacLeod writes about. … Continue reading

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