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County Cricket – Down to the Wire

County cricket and nail-biting excitement are not terms that are generally used together. The County Championship is old-fashioned cricket played the way God intended before she realized that T20 games could be a whole lot of fun. Matches are played … Continue reading

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Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

Today is November 5th, or as us old folks say, “Guy Fawkes”. I say “old folks” because the tradition of Guy burning has pretty much died out. Indeed, an American ex-pat friend of mine tweeted today that she’s been in … Continue reading

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Hundred Stories Update

You may recall Liz Williams commented on my mention of her Hundred Stories project to the effect that donations under $100 were OK, but there were problems with PayPal accepting them. It appears there is some sort of issue between … Continue reading

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Digging Up The Dark

I often joke about living in Darkest Somerset (which I don’t quite now as Trowbridge is just over the border into Wiltshire), and these days the country doesn’t amount to much save for a cricket team famous for losing finals. … Continue reading

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Bristol LGBT Community Centre

I have been sent a link to a survey about a proposed LGBT Community Centre for Bristol. If you live in the local area and have an interest in such things, please fill in the survey, and let pass the … Continue reading

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A Local Issue

This post is really only relevant to folks who live in the Bath and Bristol area. Via my friend Eugene Byrne I have learned that Venue magazine, a “what’s on, arts and cultural magazine” for the local area, is threatened … Continue reading

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